Death Cow - Pioneer01/31/20 · FHZ-001

"Seven tracks of indie/alt-rock from Lincoln, Nebraska. DEATH COW is very catchy and the songs are full of pretty, harmonized vocals, ripping guitar leads, and repetitive mid-tempo distorted riffs."
- MRR #447

Mechanical Canine - Good Photography02/28/20 · FHZ-002

"From Philadelphia, this band has a ’90s college rock feel. A mix of VIOLENT FEMMES, ARCHERS OF LOAF, and CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH. For the most part on the noisy side but there is jangly pop at times as well. There’s some decent stuff on this, and although it’s not a punk rock rager, I can see the guitar indie rock crowd liking this."
- MRR #444

"...There’s enough dissonance and creativity in it to keep it from sounding like prefab major label radio fodder, which is definitely a blessing."
- Razorcake #117

"...An album full of enthusiastic punk flare and intense instrumental performances. The young band clearly put a lot of love into this album, building a compelling set of songs that blend the energies of alt rock, heavy indie punk, shoegaze and a bit of prog."

Discography - Sandboxing08/14/20 · FHZ-003

Flammable Music For Flammable People: Vol. 109/04/20 · FHZ-004

"A compilation tape to benefit Reclaim Philadelphia. The tape features a whole host of local indie artists, as well as friends from out of town, each contributing an unreleased version of a past song. Every track on the new tape is either stripped down, recorded live, or alternative in its own unique way, and the jumble of different recording styles throughout the 12 tracks makes a top-to-bottom listen especially memorable. The roster brings plenty of stylistic variety, too, with shades of emo, indiecore, psych-pop, and more."

Cocomofo - Live at: The Tea Factory11/06/20 · FHZ-005

el nino and the monsoons - somethings stay11/06/20 · FHZ-006

Brain Peel - Brain Peel11/06/20 · FHZ-007

Brain Peel and Double Suede - BANANA SPLIT03/12/21 · FHZ-008

"This cassette features two songs by BRAIN PEEL, two songs by DOUBLE SUEDE, and one song by BRAIN AND DOUBLE which is, as you may have assumed, a combination of both bands, who hail from Philadelphia, PA. DOUBLE SUEDE have something of a modern pop-psych/OH SEES kind of feel to them which comes off really catchy and driving and fun. BRAIN PEEL is more of a mid-tempo garage punk kind of band. The collaborative track is a fun little meandering instrumental number. Cool concept, fun mix of styles between the two bands. My only gripe is that it ends too quickly."
- MRR #458

Kirk Van Houten - Can I Borrow A Feeling?04/01/21 · FHZ-009

April Fool's 2021 release

Rory Strong - Crestline EP05/07/21 · FHZ-010

Horrible Girl and the Hot Mess - Friends EP07/30/21 · FHZ-011

Horrible Girl and the Hot Mess - Do You Know Who Your Friends Are?07/30/21 · FHZ-012

"Highly energetic, brutally honest, and the right amount of rough production make the punk anti-pop songs authentically relatable, with a singer that reminds me of a younger Nico de Gaillo. It’s filled with enough tales of broken relationships, bad jobs, bad drugs, a day-to-day on the fringe, and relational escapades to fill a book."
- MRR #463

"Only a handful of decent punk bands have emerged from South Carolina, but add this band to the short list. They’ve broken up now, but they added their last EP on to this release, so it serves as a retrospective. It isn’t just straight-ahead punk. “Graduation” has a Guided By Voices vibe but with more desperation. “Making Out with Strangers” sports this classic line: “I could be the Jackie O of making out with strangers.” Hey Ms. Horrible, don’t worry. Things will get better."
- Razorcake #126